Care, Verify, Accelerate EV brands coming to new markets

Haining, a gateway to China

Haining offers kick-off grants for startups and scale-ups to land China.

Experience fills knowledge gap

“The only way to be successful in China is go to China “. 
Many has been discussed and educated recently but still most Swedish step-ups rely on local partner, but you have to be in the market. 
Protections of IP is significantly improved.   

Haining Day competition finalists visit China

8 Swedish companies including Epiluvac, Trice Imaging, GrayTec visit Haining to explore the landing program and learn how to proceed with the kick-off grant.  Focus of visit this year is a seminar on potential investment fund  from Haining to finance SMEs in Sweden.

Finalists in the 2019 competition ​

In the end of the second Sweden-China Entreprenuership Forum, winners of the annual Haining Day competition (scale-up group) were announced. They are Epiluvac AB, Byte Motion and Triflon. All finalists are entitled to a kick-off grant up to 6,000,000 CNY (roughly 8.2 MSEK) after successfully landing their business in Haining.