The landing program

Companies that meet the following  requirements will be eligible to the landing program.

  • The product or service is within the five industry categories, i.e., semiconductor, advanced material, green energy, ICT and fashion technology. 
  • The applicant is the largest shareholder of the settlement in Haining 
  • The applicant has at least at Master degree.  

The landing program, in brief consist a travel grant, a service package, and a long-term kick-off grant.

The Luo Tang River, Haining, China

Haining offers comprehensive granting and support policy for companies and investors. Download and review the report by Deloitte on the business environment of Haining.

7.8 MSEK

equity-free grant

3 Months

service package

13,000 SEK

Travel stipend

The kick-off grant

The recipients of the landing program can be granted a 3 years equity-free financial support from Haining. The sum of this grant can be up to 7.8 million SEK (6 million CNY), based on an evolution on the applicant’s business plan. The first part of the evolution process is through participating in the Haining Day competition. The first prize winner of this competition is directly entitled to a CNY 6,000,000 grant, the second prize winners are entitled to a grant of CNY 3,000,000 and the third prize winner is entitled to a grant of CNY 1,000,000. After the competition, the winners can apply for a grant. The grant application process will be supported by Scandinavia Haing Center.

The service package

Scandinavia Haining Center will work side by side with the winners in the Haining Day Competiton to go through every process necessary for settling in Haining, including company and tax tax registration, venue selection, application of the kick-off grant, opening a bank account etc, Scandinavia Haining Center will charge a fixed service fee after the grant is approved. The exact amount is under development. 



The travel stipend

The winners of the Haining Day Competiton is awarded a paid trip to Haining. The purpose of this trip is to explore the business infrastructure and to learn more about how to establish operations in Haining. The winners will visit multiple industry parks in Haining, and meeting swith the government officers responsible for acquiring talents and business promotion. Besides the accommodation in Haining and meals are covered, the recipients will also be reimbursed for their travel to Haining City, up to up to 13,000 SEK.    

Haining Day competition participants visit Haning Economic Development Zone on Oct.25, 2018